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Take the ultimate cinema thrill ride at Cineworld with our DBOX cinema seats.

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Synchronised action

D-BOX seats move and vibrate in sync with the onscreen action and audio, creating a uniquely immersive experience

3 types of

Intelligent movement

Motors in the seat create subtle pitch, roll and heave effects, mimicking anything from a punch to a skydive

Uniquely coded


D-BOX movies have a special frame-by-frame 'motion code', delivering the fourth dimension of film experience

You have

Total control

Buttons on the seat allow you to ramp up the motion or turn it off altogether

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What people
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“Don't just watch the movie, but feel it!”
“A genuinely unique experience that puts you into the movie experience like never before.”
“DBOX was AMAZING! When seeing Spider-Man it felt like I was actually web slinging! Brilliant stuff.”
“An awesome experience that will make you feel like you're doing all the stunts of a hollywood blockbuster whilst sat in a chair!”

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