RealD 3D Films at Cineworld Cinemas

Super cool

3D glasses

Comfortable, reusable and stylish, RealD cinema eyewear looks great and performs spectacularly


Visual effects

Swooping dinosaurs, menacing spaceships, intense fight scenes with RealD 3D, the action reaches right out to your cinema seat


Family entertainment

The latest animated family films are even more delightful in 3D


Classic movies

From Titanic to The Lion King, some of the greatest films ever made are coming back to the big screen in RealD 3D



What people
are saying
about Real-D

“I feel like I'm a part of the movie when I watch it in RealD 3D!”
“Nothing like the thrill of dodging bullets right with the main character in RealD 3D!”
“RealD 3D, it's just awesome! I love watching my kids try to touch things in the air.”
“I LOVE watching movies in RealD 3D because I don't feel like I'm just 'Watching' a movie, with RealD 3D I'M IN IT!”

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