How Unlimited works

  1. How to apply online
    1. Make sure you have your bank details and a recent passport photo.
    2. Complete the easy online application process and print off a temporary pass to start enjoying movies.
    3. We will post your Unlimited Card to you.
    4. Start enjoying Unlimited films and related offers.
  2. How to apply in person
    1. Visit one of our Cineworld cinemas.
    2. Find a member of staff or an Unlimited booth.
    3. Cineworld will print off a temporary pass and post your Unlimited Card to you.
    4. Start enjoying Unlimited films and related offers.
  3. Unlimited FAQs

    What are the benefits of the Unlimited card?

    Put simply, the benefit is unlimited cinema. You can use your card to watch films at Cineworld Cinemas as often as you like. But that’s not all…

    Unlimited cardholders get 10% off all in-cinema food and drink purchases at all times*.

    Regular Unlimited-only email newsletters updating you on the latest releases, exclusive Unlimited cardholder offers/competitions.

    Invitations to Cineworld Exclusive advance screenings.

    Unlimited members don’t pay fees for advance booking their tickets online at

    Can I buy an Unlimited card as a gift?

    Yes, there are two options, depending on whether you choose the monthly or annual plan.

    Monthly plan.

    If the payer chooses the monthly plan, they can set up a direct debit and will receive a separate email confirming their payment details. They will also receive an email before the first direct debit is taken from their bank account, to let them know that the direct debit has been set up. Minimum 12 month subscription required.

    Annual Plan

    If the payer chooses the annual plan, they can enter their debit or credit card details in the payment details section.

    How do I get a recent passport-size photograph?

    The customer's photograph is printed on the front of the Unlimited card, so that cinema staff can check that the person using the card is definitely the cardholder. The easiest way to get the right type of photograph is to use a mobile phone camera.

    Simply choose a well-lit area with a light background and take a photo of your face so that it fills the screen with a little of your neck and shoulders visible.

    How can I cancel my card?

    Please re-read the Terms & Conditions to establish whether you believe you are within your right to cancel your contract. If you believe that to be so, please call the Unlimited Helpdesk on 0330 333 4444

    For more information, please go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

    * Until further notice, 10% retail discount available on production of a valid card. Minimum 12 month subscription. 3D, IMAX, D-Box and Alternative Content uplifts payable. 3D glasses and VIP/Delux seating excluded

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Please see full Unlimited terms and conditions.