Premium Unlimited

25% off food and drink

Standard Unlimited members get 10% off all food and drink bought in-cinema at any time of day, every day! Stay with us for a year, and we'll upgrade you to Premium Unlimited; increasing the discount for food and drink bought in-cinema to 25%

*Until further notice

How do I get an Unlimited Premium Card?

We'll contact you towards the end of your 1st year's subscription to inform you that you are now entitled to Unlimited Premium. We'll send a link to our customer details update page where you can check all the details we have on file for you are correct. You can then relax knowing your new Premium Unlimited Card will be sent out to the correct address with no delays. All you have to do as a Direct Debit customer is wait for the Premium Card to arrive.

No additional charges for 3D

More and more films are available in 3D format. As a reward to our Unlimited Customers who stay with us for over a year, we'll also throw in no extra charge for RealD 3D films.*

How Unlimited Works Membership Benefits Premium Unlimited

Please see full Unlimited terms and conditions.