Filth (18)

Available in: 2D

Release date:
27 September 2013

Running time:
97 minutes

  1. Film details

    Shirley Henderson, Eddie Marsan, Jamie Bell, Jim Broadbent, Imogen Poots, James McAvoy, Joanne Froggatt, John Sessions

    Jon S. Baird

    Drama, Comedy, Art-house

    James McAvoy plays a corrupt, abusive, junkie cop in this outrageous yarn from the author of 'Trainspotting'. Misanthropic, Machiavellian Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson (James McAvoy) is not the sort of policeman you'd stop to ask for directions. This psychopathic and corrupt Edinburgh cop is in line for promotion and he's determined not to allow anything to get in his way. He's supposed to be investigating a brutal, racially charged murder. But he seems more interested in thwarting the ambitions of colleagues, such as Ray Lennox (Jamie Bell). That's when he's not reprehensibly drinking to excess, hoovering drugs and abusing women. Now, however, his past is threatening to catch up with him! James McAvoy gives a mesmerising performance as 'Trainspotting' author Irvine Welsh's monstrous anti-hero. Among the outstanding supporting cast are Jim Broadbent as Bruce's psychiatrist, Eddie Marsan as his much-abused friend and Imogen Poots as a disapproving colleague. Watch out for the tapeworm! Filth is in Cinemas across Scotland Sept 27 / Rest of UK Oct 4.

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It's bleak, profane and viciously funny, with James McAvoy wallowing in the jaw-dropping depravity! - Cineworld Magazine

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Watch the introduction to Filth's monstrous anti-hero Bruce Robertson, played by James McAvoy

Watch the introduction to Filth's monstrous anti-hero Bruce Robertson, played by James McAvoy

Prepare to see James McAvoy as you've never seen him before! Watch the introduction to his Filth character Bruce Robertson – to whom bagpipers and balloon-carrying kids are both fair game!

Filth, James McAvoy, Irvine Welsh, Eddie Marsan, Video

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