Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (15)

Available in: 2D

Release date:
1 January 2014

Running time:
84 minutes

  1. Film details

    Andrew Jacobs, Molly Ephraim, Richard Cabral, Carlos Pratts

    Christopher Landon


    The terror mounts as a young partygoer finds himself marked for demonic possession! June, 2012. In the Latino community of Oxnard, California, a party is interrupted when a woman is found dead in the downstairs apartment. A group of revellers decide to investigate, taking their video camera along to record what they find. But their mood changes when they discover the place is full of the tools of witchcraft. They also uncover an old videotape of Kristi and Katie, the sisters whose terrifying experiences formed the basis of the 'Paranormal Activity' series. Subsequently, one of the intruders, Jesse (Andrew Jacobs), finds strange marks on his body. He also seems to have acquired supernatural abilities. But these are no gift. As Kristi's step-daughter Ali (Molly Ephraim) explains to his friends, Jesse has been 'marked'. He will soon no longer be recognisable as himself. This is the first official spin-off from the hugely successful 'Paranormal Activity' films.

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It's got new characters and a new setting, while still delivering the spine-chilling thrills we've come to expect! - Cineworld Magazine

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