Need For Speed (12A)

Available in: RealD - 3D, 2D

Release date:
12 March 2014

Running time:
131 minutes

  1. Film details

    Aaron Paul, Imogen Poots, Dominic Cooper, Ramon Rodriguez, Kid Cudi, Michael Keaton

    Scott Waugh

    Action, Drama, Thriller

    'Breaking Bad' star Aaron Paul puts pedal to the metal in this breakneck street racer vengeance thriller. Underground street racer and muscle car mechanic Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul) owns a garage that soups up high-end vehicles. When his best friend is murdered during a race, Tobey finds himself framed by his wealthy, arrogant business partner, Dino (Dominic Cooper). Having served his time, he joins a gruelling cross-country car race, during which he plans to get revenge. Hearing of this, Dino puts a bounty on his head. Imogen Poots co-stars as a car dealer who does business with the two men, while Michael Keaton plays the race's eccentric organiser. 'Act of Valor' director Scott Waugh helms this relentless, high-octane, mayhem-packed action movie. It's adapted from the hugely successful video game series of the same title, with roots in the tradition of iconic American car culture movies from 'Bullitt' to 'Cannonball Run'.

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Aaron Paul does many of his own stunts, staking his claim as America's newest action hero. - Cineworld Magazine

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