Weekend (18)

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Release date

20th March 2012

Running Time

97 minutes


Andrew Haigh




Tom Cullen, Chris New, Laura Freeman

An award-winning gay drama addressing universal themes of love, sex and identity. After a Friday evening spent partying with his straight mates, twentysomething lifeguard Russell (Tom Cullen) intends to go home for some rest. But on an impulse, he visits a local gay bar instead. Here he meets and eventually winds up in bed with Glen (Chris New) who works in an art gallery. Glen is rather more opinionated and aggressive than the laid-back Russell. But these two young men make a real connection after their one night stand, and this deepens over the course of the weekend. The winner of multiple awards, writer/director Andrew Haigh's touching and honest modern-day love story was shot on location in Nottingham. His perceptive script avoids gay movie cliches to explore aspects of relationships that affect everyone. Naturalistic and completely believable performances by Tom Cullen and Chris New suggest both actors are also talents to watch.

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Authentic, funny and humane - this is a breath of fresh air in modern gay cinema.

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