Lincoln (12A)

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Release date

25th January 2013

Running Time

150 minutes


Steven Spielberg




Daniel Day Lewis, Sally Field, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tommy Lee Jones

President Abraham Lincoln (Daniel Day Lewis) battles to abolish slavery in the United States in Steven Spielberg's drama. January 1865: Lincoln is attempting to get the 13th Amendment passed in the United States House of Representatives. The amendment will formally abolish slavery in the United States. Spanning the last four months of Lincoln's life, Steven Spielberg's sweeping new film examines the political struggles faced by Lincoln as he tried to get the amendment passed, whilst in the background the horrific carnage of the Civil War drew to a bloody close. Daniel Day Lewis disappears into the role with his characteristic intensity and intelligence, bringing to life one of the most iconic figures in American political history, whilst a strong supporting cast includes Sally Field as Lincoln's wife, Mary Todd, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as his son, Robert, and Tommy Lee Jones as Republican Thaddeus Stevens. Examining both the personal and political sides of Lincoln's personality, Spielberg's film sheds new light on this legendary figure.

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Daniel Day Lewis electrifies under Spielberg's typically assured direction.

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