Warm Bodies (12A)

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Release date

8th February 2013

Running Time

98 minutes


Jonathan Levine


Comedy, Horror


Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, John Malkovich, Dave Franco

Can zombies fall in love? That's the irresistible question at the heart of this quirky comedy horror. Based on the debut novel by Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies is the darkly comic story of romance between two complete opposites. In the wake of a devastating zombie apocalypse, America is now populated with hordes of the undead. Among them is R (Nicholas Hoult). Incapable of communicating beyond a few basic grunts and groans, R is lonely and simply wants to connect with somebody - a tricky proposition given his penchant for human flesh! But then he encounters human survivor Julie (Teresa Palmer), who sets his heart pounding - literally. R immediately falls in love with Julie and in the process starts to become more human. If only he could convey this to her father General Grigio (John Malkovich) who's intent on blasting all walking corpses on sight. R's change of heart sets in motion a brilliantly funny spin on the zombie movie, in which love really does conquer all.

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Zombie horror meets oddball humour - with a dash of romance thrown in!

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