Antiviral (15)

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Release date

8th February 2013

Running Time

103 minutes


Brandon Cronenberg




Caleb Laundry Jones, Sarah Gadon, Malcolm McDowell, Douglas Smith

Celebrity culture takes a grotesque turn in this chilling, highly inventive horror. What if you could share something in common with your favourite movie star or model? What if that thing was a virus? That's the unsettling concept at the centre of Antiviral, the gruesome and provocative debut film from Brandon Cronenberg, son of 'body horror' auteur David. The employees at the state-of- the-art Lucas Clinic harvest viruses from celebs and inject them into their clients! Syd March (Caleb Laundry Jones) works at the firm, and illegally ships out samples to paying customers by injecting them into his own body. One day, Syd is tasked with collecting a new virus from megastar Hannah Geist (Sarah Gadon) but when he decides to inject himself with the sample, it marks the beginning of a nightmare. Geist is found dead and Syd finds himself infected with a potentially lethal strain, forcing him into a fight for survival.

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Brandon Cronenberg continues his father's tradition of grisly, intelligent horror for grown-ups.

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