Identity Thief (15)

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Release date

22nd March 2013

Running Time

111 minutes


Seth Gordon




Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy, Amanda Peet

A man discovers his identity has been stolen in the latest outrageous comedy from Horrible Bosses director Seth Gordon. Mild-mannered Colorado businessman Sandy (Jason Bateman) is experiencing a normal day like any other - until his card is declined at the petrol station. But this is merely the start of his problems. It turns out his card has, inexplicably, exceeded its credit limit and he's being charged for a multitude of bizarre things. Apparently, he's also missed a court date in Florida. Never having been to Florida, Sandy smells a rat - and sure enough he discovers a woman in Miami has stolen his identity! The culprit is Diana (Melissa McCarthy) who's been living it up on Sandy's money, splashing out on clothes and goods. But Diana will rue the day she stole this man's identity as Sandy is coming to Florida to track her down - leading to all kinds of jaw-dropping comic mishaps!

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Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy are a great double-act in this rib-tickling comedy.

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