The Croods (U)

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Release date

22nd March 2013

Running Time

98 minutes


Kirk DeMicco, Chris Sanders


Family, Comedy


Nicholas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener

The makers of How to Train Your Dragon present a spectacular prehistoric comedy adventure! The Croods are a loveable Stone-Age family. Headed by Dad Grug (Nicholas Cage), they include wife Ugga (Catherine Keener) and eldest daughter Eep (Emma Stone). Grug has only one rule for his brood - never venture outside their cave! But it all gets too much for Eep - whose curiosity gets the better of her. She makes the decision to explore outside the cave - just as a massive earthquake hits. When the dust settles, the family are stunned to discover that their whole world has been transformed! Now Grug must seek out a new home for his family in this strange and unfamiliar environment. And things are complicated even further when Eep takes a liking to nomad Guy (Ryan Reynolds). Filled with memorable characters, this energetic family treat takes viewers young and old on an exciting adventure towards new horizons.

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Vibrantly animated with a winning voice cast, it's a funny and heartfelt story.

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