Papadopoulos And Sons (15)

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Release date

5th April 2013


Marcus Markou


Drama, Comedy


Stephen Dillane, Georges Corraface, Ed Stoppard, Georgia Groome

Stephen Dillane stars in this charming film of family, heritage - and the good ol' British chippy! Greek immigrant Harry Papadopoulos (Stephen Dillane) is a self-made millionaire with a lavish mansion house and extravagant lifestyle. But when the economic downturn hits, Harry suddenly loses everything. The one thing the bank cannot seize is the disused family fish and chip shop in London. Harry can't sell it without the consent of the co-owner - who happens to be his long-estranged brother Spiros (Georges Corraface). The only option is for Harry and his three children to move into the chippy itself - easier said than done, especially when a rival Turkish kebab shop owner is scrutinising their every move! But upon moving in, Harry finds that old memories are being stirred and, together with his brother, he decides to re-open the neglected chippy...

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Family comes first in this warm and humorous drama about the joy of re-connecting with your roots.

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