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Pooja Kiven AA (PG)

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Release date

22nd March 2013


Nidhi Sharma


Comedy, Bollywood


Miss Pooja, Tarun Khanna, B.N. Sharma, Sardar Sohi

Indian singer Miss Pooja takes the lead role in this charming comedy of one girl and three guys! Pooja Kiven Aa (Miss Pooja) is a Non-resident Indian who comes to India from the UK to sell her estate. There she meets three men - all of whom eventually come to work in her Mumbai bungalow. They are Mumbai resident Bhinder and his two friends Deep and Jeet, who have come to the city in search of jobs. Pooja employs them as cook, trainer and cleaner - but she's forced to contend with her uncle (B.N. Sharma), a lawyer who's attempting to cheat her over the property! The glamorous Miss Pooja gives an irresistible performance in this lively comedy. She also contributes to the catchy soundtrack, alongside such artists as Mika Singh, Jelly and Master Saleem.

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One of the biggest Punjab stars gives a wonderful performance in this colourful comedy!

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