Pompeii Live from the British Museum (12A)

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Release date

18th June 2013

Running Time

80 minutes


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Be transported back in time with the British Museum's remarkable new exhibition, Pompeii Live. In AD 79, a colossal eruption of Mount Vesuvius (near the present-day city of Naples) utterly destroyed the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Now, almost 2000 years later, Cineworld audiences can explore the fascinating lives of the doomed citizens who lived in the shadow of the volcano. The exhibition takes viewers down a Roman street and gets up-close to the eerie casts of the bodies caught in the eruption. We are also taken into a house with atrium entrance, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, sitting room and garden. We get a remarkably intimate look at objects from day-to-day Roman life - from clothes, jewellery and mosaics to the haunting, charred remains of a baby's cot. Music, poetry and dramatised eyewitness accounts add to the power of the exhibition as it brings to life an extraordinary chapter in human history.

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It's an eye-opening trip into the life of two Ancient Roman towns.

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