Take 2 Thursday - The Heat (15)

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Release date

17th October 2013

Running Time

117 minutes


Paul Feig


Action, Comedy


Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Marlon Wayans

Two free small drinks and a free regular popcorn when you buy a Take 2 ticket for just a tenner? It's Cineworld Take 2 on Thursdays - and it's bringing back some of the year's biggest films.

Chalk and cheese law enforcers hunt down a drug lord in an arresting comedy from the director of 'Bridesmaids'.

Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) is a no-nonsense FBI Special Agent who likes to do things by the book. Uptight, humourless and controlling, she's no team player and deeply unpopular with her fellow Feds. Roly-poly Boston cop Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy) couldn't be more different. Foul-mouthed, rule-bending and streetwise, she has bad guys in fear of their lives. So when the deeply incompatible twosome are teamed up to take down a notorious drug lord, sparks quickly begin to fly! But as they work the case, an unlikely friendship starts to develop. 'Bridesmaids' director Paul Feig and breakout star Melissa McCarthy team up once again for this brilliantly cast female cop buddy comedy. It also sees Sandra Bullock playing an FBI agent for the first time since the hit 'Miss Congeniality' films.

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Unlimited Exclusive Show feedback: Was epic! Miss congeniality crossed with Bridesmaids - Hilarious loved it :)

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