The Conjuring (15)

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Release date

2nd August 2013

Running Time

112 minutes


James Wan


Horror, Thriller


Vera Farmiga, Lorraine Warren, Lili Taylor, Joey King, Ron Livingston

An evil presence terrifies hardened paranormal investigators in this shocking true story. In 1971, Carolyn (Lili Taylor) and Roger Perron (Ron Livingston) move into a secluded, run-down Rhode Island farmhouse with their children. At first, the family enjoy exploring and renovating their new home. But then scary things start to happen. Pictures fly off the wall and one of the girls sees a creepy woman in a dirty night gown. Spooked, the Perrons call in legendary ghost hunting couple Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) and Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson). Sensitive Lorraine quickly detects a number of spirits but is shocked by one in particular, which is more evil than anything she has previously encountered. This isn't a haunting or a possession, but something far more sinister! 'Saw' and 'Insidious' director James Wan conjures up the terror in this bloodcurdling, fact-based tale. It's based on a case by the couple who investigated the notorious Amityville horror.

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This is a haunted house story with a spine-chilling twist from a master of horror.

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