For Those In Peril (18)

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Release date

8th November 2013

Running Time

92 minutes


Paul Wright


Drama, Art-house


George MacKay, Kate Dickie, Nichola Burley, Michael Smiley

A haunting drama in which the sole survivor of a Scottish fishing accident becomes convinced his brother has survived. In a remote Aberdeenshire fishing community, a strange and catastrophic accident at sea has claimed the lives of five men. The lone survivor is Aaron (George Mackay), a young misfit who finds himself blamed for the tragedy by superstitious locals. All of them have been touched in some way by this awful event. Now a grief-stricken outcast, Aaron is inspired by an ancient local folk tale about a mysterious sea devil to believe that the older brother he idolised is not among the dead. Instead, he's out there somewhere waiting to be recovered. This is a powerful and evocative first feature by writer/director Peter Wright, who made the BAFTA-winning short 'Until the River Runs Red'. It boasts an extraordinarily affecting central performance by talented 'Sunshine on Leith' star George Mackay.

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It's a poetic, magical and deeply moving blend of grief and myth that lingers long in the memory.

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