Stalingrad (Russian and German) (15)

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Release date

21st February 2014

Running Time

135 minutes


Fedor Bondarchuk


Action, Drama


Pyotr Fyodorov, Thomas Kretschmann, Sergey Bondarchuk Jr., Mariya Smolnikova, Yana Studilina

A stunning, visceral Russian blockbuster set against the backdrop of the bloodiest battle in history. In November 1942, the Nazis and Red Army are engaged in a brutal fight for control of the Soviet city of Stalingrad. Such is the ferocity of the close quarters combat that much of the city has been reduced to rubble. Now the Russians are launching a counter-offensive across the Volga river. Six soldiers led by Gromov (Pyotr Fyodorov) find themselves holed up in a house occupied by 18-year-old Katya (Mariya Smolnikova). The sole surviving member of her family, she becomes their mascot. A sadistic Nazi commander then orders honourable, aristocratic officer Peter Khan (Thomas Kretschmann) to take back control of the house. But conflicted Khan has fallen for beautiful local girl Masha (Yana Studilina). Veteran director Fedor Bondarchuk delivers an adrenaline-pumping succession of intense warfare sequences in this grittily realistic story of love and war. In Russian and German with English subtitles.

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An epic combat drama packed with extraordinary images, this was Russia's biggest box office hit of 2013.

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