Act Of Valour (15)

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Release date

23rd March 2012

Running Time

109 minutes


Mike McCoy, Scott Waugh




Alex Veadov, Roselyn Sanchez, Nestor Serrano

Real US Navy SEALs star in the most thrillingly authentic special forces action film ever made! A daring mission to rescue a kidnapped CIA operative leads to the uncovering of a potentially devastating terrorist plot against the USA. The only hope of thwarting this is to send the elite US Navy SEALs on a worldwide manhunt to track down those responsible. Not simply a breathtaking action thriller, 'Act of Valor' is the most realistic film ever made about the US Navy's elite special operations force. Co-directors Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh took five real events and wrapped a fictitious but highly plausible story around them. The filmmakers then decided that if their movie was to be really authentic, they should cast actual Navy SEALs! Given unprecedented access to the latest military hardware, they used genuine tactics - and even live ammunition! - to give the most stunningly accurate account of how the US responds to real terrorist threats.

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More than just a film, this is a unique opportunity to experience the world's toughest operations force in action.

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