Ay Lav Yu - I Love You (12A)

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Release date

12th March 2010

Running Time

95 minutes


Sermiyan Midyat


Mariel Hemingway, Sermiyan Midyat, Kathie Gill, Steve Guttenberg, Meray Ulgen, Muhammed Cangoren

East meets West in a romantic Turkish comedy set in a village that doesn't officially exist. A remote village in Southeast Turkey, Tinne has been forgotten by the government for years. Neither the village, nor any of its people exist officially, even though the family of Yusuf Agha have lived there generations. Hoping his newborn son Ibrahim will get an identification certificate, Yusuf leaves him in the courtyard of the college, where he is adopted by Father Hanna. Having finished his military service and graduated from college the 30-year-old Ibrahim (Sermiyan Midyat) returns to a joyful welcome in the village. However, the villagers are shocked to learn that Ibrahim is in love with a foreigner, a girl named Jessica (Kathie Gill) from the USA. They both have a hard time trying to convince their families. Finally, Jessica persuades her father (Steve Guttenberg), her mother (Mariel Hemingway) and her brother to join her on a life-changing trip to Tinne.

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The talented Sermiyan Midyat is writer, director and star of this culture-clash comedy from Turkey.

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