Cuban Fury (15)

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Release date

14th February 2014

Running Time

97 minutes


James Griffiths




Rashida Jones, Nick Frost, Kayvan Novak, Chris O'Dowd

Nick Frost wiggles those snake-hips as a lovelorn ex-salsa prodigy in this sizzling British comedy! As a 13 year-old, Bruce Garrett had the salsa-dancing world at his feet. In fact, he was once described as having 'fire in his heels', scorching his way across the dancefloor with incendiary passion. But then Bruce's life was tragically turned upside down and, robbed of his confidence, he gave up his beloved dancing. Twenty-two years later, the adult Bruce (Nick Frost) has settled into dull routine and the Latino fire has dimmed to a slow ember... Until he finds his hot new boss Julia (Rashida Jones) unexpectedly reigniting his mojo. There's just one obstacle... He has to battle slimy co-worker Drew (Chris O'Dowd) for her affections! Bruce realises that he must return to the dancefloor to win Julia's heart - can he unleash his inner Cuban love-god and get the girl?

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Impressively, Nick Frost does all his own dancing in this surefooted comedy!

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Nick Frost learns how to salsa in Cuban Fury video blog

Nick Frost learns how to salsa in Cuban Fury video blog

Nick Frost brings the salsa sizzle in Cuban Fury as the apparently ordinary Bruce Garrett – a man with a surprising past!

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