ENO: Peter Grimes (LIVE) (12A)

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Release date

23rd February 2014

Running Time

190 minutes


David Alden


Event Cinema


Stuart Skelton, Elza van den Heever, Iain Paterson, Rebecca de Pont Davie, Matthew Best, Leigh Melrose, Michael Colvin, Felicity Palmer, Matthew Trevino, Tim Robinson, Rhian Lois, Mary Bevan

Experience the searing psychological drama, intrigue and suspense of Benjamin Britten's opera Peter Grimes, performed by English National Opera and screened live from the London Coliseum in stunning cinematic HD. Featuring some of the most powerful and evocative music ever written, Peter Grimes paints a vivid picture of a small community's descent into suspicion, gossip and mob mentality in the face of a tragedy. What really happened to Peter Grimes's missing apprentice, and was he involved? As the townspeople's mistrust grows, Grimes spirals into a downfall with devastating consequences. Conductor: Edward Gardner

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This is a thrilling production of the greatest British opera in more than two centuries.

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