NT Live Encore: Coriolanus (12A)

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Release date

24th September 2015

Running Time

180 minutes


Josie Rourke


Event Cinema


Tom Hiddleston, Mark Gatiss

Tom Hiddleston and Mark Gatiss star in this re-broadcast of Shakespeare's powerful, politically resonant revenge tragedy. There are riots on the troubled streets of Rome. Patrician Menenius (Mark Gatiss) attempts to calm the troubled waters. But great general Caius Martius (Tom Hiddleston) is openly contemptuous of the proletarians. He then departs for battle, winning a noble victory against the Volscian Army. On his return, the heroic Martius is rewarded with the nickname Coriolanus. His ambitious mother Volumnia also persuades this reluctant warrior to run for consul. But the proud, easily enraged Coriolanus proves ill-equipped for political scheming, with tragic consequences. The Donmar Warehouse's Artistic Director Josie Rourke is at the helm of this eagerly anticipated new production of Shakespeare's timeless tragedy. Last seen at the Donmar in 'Othello' back in 2008, Tom Hiddleston takes the title role. Mark Gatiss, Mycroft Holmes in the BBC's 'Sherlock', made his first professional appearance in a Shakespeare play as Menenius.

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The Bard's searing parable about politics and power has never been more relevant.

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