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ROH - Manon Lescaut (12A)

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Release date

24th June 2014

Running Time

180 minutes


Antonio Pappano


Event Cinema


Jonas Kaufmann, Kristine Opolais, Maurizio Muraro, Christopher Maltman, Benjamin Hulett

Puccini's first masterpiece returns to Covent Garden after an absence of more than 20 years. Manon (Kristine Opolais) is on her way to a convent when she meets handsome young student Des Grieux (Jonas Kaufmann). The pair quickly fall in love. Des Grieux persuades Manon to abandon her plans and escape to Paris with him instead. But when the elderly Geronte (Maurizio Muraro) offers Manon a life of wealth and luxury, her head is turned - with ultimately tragic consequences. Puccini's first major critical and popular success, 'Manon Lescaut' boasts a sumptuous score packed with beautiful melodies. Director Jonathan Kent follows his acclaimed 'Tosca' with this much anticipated new production. Consummate soprano Kristine Opolais caused a sensation as Madama Butterfly in 2011 and will demonstrate a different side of her character when she sings Manon. The starry cast also includes Jonas Kaufmann Des Grieux and Christopher Maltman as Manon's cynical brother Lescaut.

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The theme of a young girl facing temptation in the big city is certain to resonate with modern audiences.

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