Starred Up (18)

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Release date

21st March 2014

Running Time

106 minutes


David Mackenzie




Jack O'Connell, Ben Mendelsohn, Rupert Friend, Sian Breckin, Sam Spruell, David Ajala, Anthony Welsh, Peter Ferdinando

'Skins' star Jack O'Connell astonishes as a volatile teen behind bars with his own dad in this tense, gritty British prison drama. Angry, resentful and violent 19-year-old Eric Love (Jack O'Connell) has just been 'starred up'. That's slang for a teenager who's prematurely transferred to adult prison from a young offenders institution because of his uncontrollable behaviour. This leads to an unexpected family reunion of sorts. Eric's hard-nosed lifer dad Nev (Ben Mendelsohn) is banged up in the same jail. It's not long before the troubled young man is set on a collision course with his father. Meanwhile, well-meaning prison volunteer Oliver (Rupert Friend) attempts to help him with his anger management issues. This gripping, complex and authentic prison drama is based on writer Jonathan Asser's own experiences of working with offenders. 'Young Adam' director David Mackenzie gets a mesmerising performance from Jack O'Connell in his breakthrough lead role.

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It's brutal and uncompromising, with an electrifyingly emotional father-son twist.

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