The Love Punch (12A)

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Release date

18th April 2014

Running Time

94 minutes


Joel Hopkins




Timothy Spall, Celia Imrie, Tuppence Middleton, Emma Thompson, Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson team up for the first time as unlikely jewel thieves in this breezy heist comedy. Kate (Emma Thompson) and Richard (Pierce Brosnan) are long divorced. But their plans for a comfortable retirement are jeopardised when the asset-stripping new owner of Richard's investment firm makes off with their nest egg. Then they learn that the dodgy French financier responsible has just bought a $10 million diamond for his bride-to-be. To get even, all they have to do is gatecrash the Cote d'Azur wedding and make off with the rock! To help with this crazy heist, the duo recruit ex-serviceman pal Jerry (Timothy Spall) and his dotty wife Penelope (Celia Imrie). And as they hit the French Riviera, it becomes clear that the spark between Kate and Richard has not been completely extinguished. British writer/director Joel Hopkins reunites with his 'Last Chance Harvey' star Emma Thompson for this delicious screwball comedy.

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Brosnan and Thompson make a terrific comic team in this delightful caper movie.

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Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan star in grown-up romcom The Love Punch

Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan star in grown-up romcom The Love Punch

Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson star in The Love Punch, a romantic comedy for grown-ups that looks set to charm and amuse audiences in equal measure.

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