Walking with Dinosaurs (U)

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Release date

20th December 2013

Running Time

88 minutes


Barry Cook, Neil Nightingale


Action, Drama, Family

A baby dinosaur grows up to become a hero in this stunning big screen follow-up to the BBC's hit series. Meet the Pachyrhinosauruses. These distinctive herbivores have pronounced noses and ornate bony frills on their heads. Patchi, his brother Scowler, and a young female called Juniper are born at the end of the Cretaceous period, some 70 million years ago. Daily life is a struggle for the trio, especially with nasty predators like Gorgon the toothy Gorgosaurus around! During their eventful journey into adulthood, Patchi must triumph against the odds if he's to become the herd leader. The trio's story is narrated by Alex the symbiotic Alexornis bird. This amazing feature from the team behind the BBC's award-winning TV series takes advantage of recent discoveries in paleontology and a breakthrough in digital technology. The result is an involving adventure story that offers the most immersive and realistic dinosaur expereince ever created.

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This is the biggest leap forward in dino-realism since Spielberg astonished the world with 'Jurassic Park'.

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