War Horse (12A)

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Release date

13th January 2012

Running Time

146 minutes


Steven Spielberg




Jeremy Irvine, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Emily Watson, David Thewlis, Peter Mullan

Steven Spielberg's heart-warming epic of adventure and loyalty between man and horse during World War One. At the outbreak of the Great War, young Devon farmhand Albert (Jeremy Irvine) is helpless as his beloved horse Joey is commandeered by the cavalry. Captain Nichols (Tom Hiddleston) promises to return him, but fate intervenes and Joey embarks on an extraordinary journey across Europe, touching the lives of British officers, German soldiers and a French farmer and his granddaughter. But Albert cannot forget the horse he tamed and trained. So he sets off on his own dangerous journey, determined to be reunited with his equine friend. Adapted from the Michael Morpurgo children's bestseller and the hugely popular stage version, this new film brings Steven Spielberg's magic to a story that has become a modern classic. Largely filmed on location in the UK, 'War Horse' also has a brilliant British cast including Benedict Cumberbatch, David Thewlis and Emily Watson.

Advisory Information

Contains infrequent moderate battle violence

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It's a deeply moving story of war and friendship - and the first great family film of 2012.

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