Developer Portal

Welcome to Cineworld Cinemas API Developer portal.

The Cineworld API allows developers to use cinema, film information & performance schedules from in your own prototypes, blogs and mash-ups.

In JSON format, the API will allow 3rd parties to request specific data-sets, e.g. export performances for unique film(s) / distributor(s) / events / categories.

The widget will be provided in HTML / Javascript fragments, which can be integrated into 3rd party sites. Developers will be able to personalise the CSS used by the widget, e.g. change background image, logos, button / menu styles etc.

The front-end widget will be fully integrated with the API, to allow personalisation of the performance data being displayed, e.g. only display show times / dates for single film.

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The aim is to foster innovation and experimentation amongst the developer community. To get started sign-up for an API key.

More information is available in our FAQ section, with full terms and conditions also available.